More options in the everyday working life: More than 50 innovative conversion solutions at the IAA stand of Commercial Vehicles

More options in the everyday working life: More than 50 innovative conversion solutions at the IAA stand of Commercial Vehicles

Hannover, 17 September 2018 – Working on the basic model range of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, custom body manufacturers are presenting superstructure and conversion solutions at the IAA. From 20 to 27 September 2018, trade visitors will find more than 50 superstructure and conversion solutions at the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles booth and on the external exhibition area. A selection of vehicles being presented on-site:


Passenger transportation

AMF-Bruns is celebrating the premiere with its new K70 Cassette Lift, which is extremely flat and whose large lifting platform is also suitable for wide wheelchairs. Installed under the floor of a Volkswagen Multivan, the K70 is one of the most compact underbody lift platform of only 70 millimetres vertical. With a load capacity of 300 kilograms and a large lift platform, the K70 is also suitable for wide electric wheelchairs. Since the cassette is mounted laterally beneath the vehicle, it does not impair access to or utilisation of the passenger compartment. Equipped with an illuminated, waterproof and impact-resistant control unit, the lift can optionally be operated by Bluetooth remote control or an app.

Another highlight for people with mobility limitations is a Caddy Maxi with a very wide rear cutout from Mobitec. The vehicle, rebuilt into the Caddy ‘FlatFloor’, offers a lot of space for wheelchairs as a multifunctional space wonder. Thanks to a nearly level floorpan with only 3 degrees of floor tilt, it is very comfortable to assist people in wheelchairs into the vehicle comfortably. During the drive, the person in the wheelchair is secured with a lap belt and an angled shoulder belt and is also protected with a swivelling restraint system for the head and back.

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles is showing a minibus concept vehicle by body customiser ALTAS which is based on a Crafter 50. The Crafter has space for up to 22 persons, and wheelchair riders can even access it via a ramp (which reduces the number of passengers accordingly). This Crafter has double-glazed windows and a double-wing electric folding door on the side. Inside, comfort is enhanced by such features as an air conditioning system, infotainment system and interior lighting. With its vehicle size and low operating costs, this Crafter conversion is an attractive concept for passenger transport in urban traffic.


Running gear and drive system

At the IAA, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles is showing a rugged, permanent 4x4 all-wheel drive system based on a Crafter 50, which was developed in cooperation with the Oberaigner company. In close collaborative work, a near-production drive concept was implemented for the 5.0 tonne weight class. A big advantage: the factory-installed driver assistance systems are all available without limitation in this conversion solution. Its drivetrain implements a Torsen differential which distributes torque between the front and rear axles at a ratio of 40 per cent to 60 per cent. The near-production development was able to design the all-wheel drive system on the same level as a regular 4x2 drive system. Advantages include very good driving dynamics, a low centre of gravity and very good traction with high loads.


Construction & Forestry

It is not just the colour of this tipper that is extraordinary. The mint-green Volkswagen Transporter was converted to an offroad-capable tipper with a tipping trough made of aluminium. This has been a rare material selection to date, but it saves a full 100 kilogrammes in weight.


Trades & Service

The Eder Group is presenting a new generation of the car transporter with the Algema / Fit-Zel. The base vehicle is a Volkswagen Crafter 50 dual cab in sulphur yellow. The newly developed Algema fixed plateau 2 has rugged components produced in high-quality in an aluminium/steel composite construction. The fixed plateau has been designed for transporting approx. 1.8 to 2.5 tonnes of payload, depending on the chassis selected. Other vehicle benefits are its very economical operation and low procurement costs.

Plastipol Scheu has built out a Transporter Rockton to create a surveyor's vehicle. The innovative “Geo-Van 2.0” vehicle build is distinguished by extremely high stability, and the well thought-out material mix leads to a very low overall vehicle weight. Thanks to the additional storage spaces created at the rear, it is easy to transport long materials. In the new vehicle interior, Plastipol Scheu has modified drawers and cabinets to store surveying equipment in a space-saving way. The office area behind the driver’s seat offers space for EDP or plan drawings.

With a turmeric yellow Transporter panel van plus, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles is showing just how sporty the next work assignment can be. Equipped with an exterior sport pack, the Transporter has decorative underbody guards, front and rear, custom side sills and black 18” alloy wheels direct from the factory. Whether for business or personal use – up to six colleagues or family members will find space in this transporter. Good to know: the vehicle is approved for commercial vehicle registration.


Couriers & Logistics

Food trucks continue to gain in popularity and are real eye-catchers. The Schoeler company has converted a Volkswagen Transporter with an AL-KO frame chassis into a sophisticated food truck with many smart details. The superstructure and conversion features were implemented exclusively with high-end wood, aluminium and stainless steel materials. The vehicle has a gross vehicle weight rating of 3,500 kilograms. As a lightweight construction version, the Transporter has a maximum payload of 750 kilogrammes. In addition, the vehicle could, for example, tow a refrigerated trailer up to a permissible gross weight of 750 kilogrammes unbraked or 2,000 kilogrammes braked.

Equipped specially for the needs of a bakery business is a refrigerated box from Kress. The practice-proven Kress CoolerBox2.0 is not only weight-optimised; it has also been fine-tuned aerodynamically for maximum fuel savings. The CoolerBox2.0 is mounted on a back-to-back cab Transporter with an AL-KO chassis and 13-inch running gear. The storage space of the cooler box has a 2-chamber design. That is, it is divided horizontally into a front zone that serves as a temperature-controlled compartment and a rear zone for dry cargo. The partition wall can be shifted variably for flexible use. A folding ramp makes it easier to load and unload quickly. The driver does not need to do without air conditioning, because the cooling for the cargo space is connected to the existing air conditioning unit.

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles is presenting a temperature-controlled body conversion by the Kerstner company which is based on the Crafter. Kerstner has developed an insulation kit for the cargo compartment in the Crafter, which excels with an extremely low heat conduction coefficient (k value < 0.4). This conversion is available for all Crafter vehicles with front-wheel or rear-wheel drive. With a temperature range extending to a minimum of +2 degrees Celsius, it is well-suited for many different temperature-controlled fresh food applications.

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has put even more interesting factory-built body solutions on display for the courier and logistics business sector. They include a Crafter called the “Lightstar” from Junge with a lightweight box body construction and two other Crafters with box body solutions from SCB Van Bodies and Spier.


Emergency vehicles

Just recently, the new Crafter has also entered service as an ambulance which is built on a 5-tonne base vehicle with rear-wheel drive and an 8-speed automatic gearbox. The company Wietmarscher Ambulanz- und Sonderfahrzeug GmbH has converted this Crafter into an emergency ambulance known as an RTW. A highlight of the new WAS 500 RTW Crafter is the newly integrated WAS design alarm system, which is exclusively available for the Crafter. Improved side and front visibility enhance the alertness of ambulance personnel. Sophisticated interior features include WAS Door Assist (quiet locking mechanism of the doors), Multi-Load Assist (back-friendly pulling aid), San Safe (fully integrated disinfectant system) and Smart Check (equipment safety check with RFID technology).

For the growing market of oversize-load escort vehicles, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has developed a new conversion solution with Schumotec. As a fourth generation (“BF4”) heavy transport escort vehicle, Schumotec has equipped a Transporter with such features as a variable traffic sign unit with front and side displays. It can alternately display up to eleven different traffic signs. The vehicle can be used outside the highway to protect against oncoming traffic when escorting vehicles with oversize and heavy loads.

These examples show just a small excerpt of the wide-ranging selection of superstructures and conversions designed for commercial vehicles from Volkswagen at IAA 2018. A total of 45 superstructure manufacturers are on site in Hannover and are showing further exciting products from the areas of commercial passenger transport, conversions for people with mobility disabilities, manual trades, couriers and logistics field, leisure, hunting and forestry sectors, medical transport, rescue services and police as well as servicing and mobile workshops.


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